Our Story

In 2021, a vision emerged from the heart of Paul Singh, a vision woven with the threads of culture, heritage and timeless beauty secrets passed down through generations. This vision laid the foundation for what would soon blossom into the exquisite brand known as Skin.in.

Influenced by family rituals and traditions, Paul envisioned the brand centering on Amla, the sacred Indian gooseberry. Amla is cherished for holding the key to timeless radiance.

Paul shared his vision with friend Todd Ryan, founder of skincare brand CBDerm™, and they immediately co-founded Skin.in and embarked on the development of their inaugural product, Jadu Serum.

Skin.in is a brand that encapsulates the essence of cultural heritage and modern innovation.


Our product line is infused with Amla, the magical Indian gooseberry that embodies the essence of tradition, innovation, and celebrating individual beauty.

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